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What is Stucknut Radio?

Stucknut Radio is an independent internet radio station run by the members of Stucknut.com. The default audio player will appear above when a show is on the air. Other options are listed below:

iPhone - Click the following link and the stream will open in QuickTime http://media.stucknut.com:9984/listen.pls
Android - Download an app called "XiiaLive Lite" from the Market. Launch the app and search "Stucknut" during a show.
iTunes and Winamp - http://media.stucknut.com:9984/listen.pls

The Gonzo in SA Show

The Gonzo in SA Show

"The Gonzo In SA Show" is a perfect way to start your Saturday morning and offers the essential vitamins and minerals you need to get through your day. Enjoy coffee on the veranda while listening to Gonzo and JP "DO IT LIVE" every Saturday. The self-proclaimed, "best sport talk radio show in the history of ever" features sports, music, pop culture and listener participation is always welcomed. "The Gonzo In SA Show" is an essential part of a complete breakfast and can be heard right here, every Saturday at 9AM (CST).
Website: thegonzoinsashow.com
Host: Gonzo and JP
When: Wednesday 7:00PM CST
Twitter: TheGonzoInSA
The People?s Podcast Play Podcast
Can we start yelling, ‘PUTO’ at UTSA football games when opposing teams kickoff? On this episode of the Gonzo In SA Show, JP gives us his USMNT Vs Mexico “recap”, Coach Bud’s calculated move to come back to San Antonio, the San Antonio Scorpions fall ...

Soccer Balls & Hockey Pucks Play Podcast
Let’s talk Scorpions! GISAS web contributor, Martin Hansson joins Gonzo and JP on this episode of The Gonzo In SA Show.  Martin covers the San Antonio Scorpions… And he’s from Sweden… or Switzerland… Don’t ask Gonzo. The guys talk about Gonzo’s Coach K man-crush, The ...

College Basketball Dribbling With Dan Ross Play Podcast
GISAS web contributor, Dan Ross joins Gonzo and JP on this episode of The Gonzo In SA Show. Although the discussion is NCAA Tournament heavy, they also look back on the UTSA basketball season, talk about Rick Pitino as their favorite Martin Scorsese character and ...

Catching-Up With David Glasco II Play Podcast
Former UTSA running-back, David Glasco II sits down with Gonzo & JP and talks about television, life as a UTSA football player and his feelings towards the NCAA. David also talks about his new book. It’s a collection of short stories titled, ‘XI’. You can ...

Interview With The Hacker Play Podcast
They’ve been credited with cyber attacks that have taken North Korea and the British Surveillance Agency (GCHQ) offline.  This week’s guest on The Gonzo In SA Show is the hacker group, ‘Gator League’.  Also on this episode… The Browns’ shitty logo Better Call Saul talk ...

The Joe in Bugaha Show

Entering it's third year on Stucknut Radio, The Joe in Bugaha covers all things sports, including professional wrestling. Tune in each Wednesday at 9 pm central to hear Joe's takes, fantastic interviews, and maybe he will read one of your tweets on the air.
Website: joeinbugaha.com
Host: Joe in Bugaha
When: Wednesday 9:00PM CST
Twitter: JoeInBugaha

The Rock Show

From Aerosmith to ZZ top and anything in between, the rock show will take on themes each week from heavy metal, to acoustic and live sets. The rock show encourages requests via pm, pager, and ill be checking out the chat. The rock show takes calls live and interacts with our stucknut members on air via skype.com. The rock show on stucknut radio, check it out!
Host: Pooldoc and Jana
When: Thursday 10:00PM CST
Skype: Pooldoc1
Email: pooldoc@hotmail.com
Phone: 210-549-POOL [The Rock Show listener line.... call in!]
Twitter: pooldoc1

B-Sides and Bacon

Canada invades Stucknut Radio. It's B-Sides and Bacon, the first half of Twonie Tuesdays. Hedstrom brings you a theme-based show with a lot of useless musical trivia and hockey updates. Beware, the Canadians are here and WNUT has been transformed into CNUT Radio. Requests and comments by e-mail, chat and Skype
Host: Hedstrom
When: Tuesday 8:00pm CST
Skype: hedstrombacon
Email: hedstrombacon519@gmail.com

Crew & Eh!!!

Twonie Tuesdays at 11:00 pm Eastern, tap into the twisted mind of whitbycrew for "Crew and Eh!" a showcase of Con-Can and classics from all eras and most genres. There'll be something old, something new, something covered and possibly a cowbell tribute too. Audience particpation is encouraged, so work the chat line and pager with requests, comments and plenty of skylies...
Host: whitbycrew
When: Tuesday 10:00pm CST
Skype: whitbycrew1
Email: whitbycrew@stucknut.com

Latenight @ the Centre Lounge

Let's keep the Thursday night party going. Calling all late night vampires. Join me after the Night Cap for an hour of whatever I feel like playing. It's latenight folks, you're likely to get a mix of classic rock, R & B, funk, soul, jazz and lounge music. Whatever it is, it will certainly set the table for Y2K's Latenight on the Left Coast show at 3:00 am.
Host: whitbycrew
Skype: whitbycrew1
Email: whitbycrew@stucknut.com